Phodography Information


Our sessions fees are £95 and ‘paw’trait sessions are held on location at a handful of specific locations in and around the Timberland/Woodhall Spa area of Lincolnshire

Pawtrait sessions can last up to an hour and a half and afterwards we will arrange a personal online viewing and ordering appointment with you, usually within a few days of your pawtrait session. At your viewing and ordering appointment we’ll review the fully finished images with you and help and advise you in the selection of your favourites and how they can be best presented.

Individual images are available in desk frames, in a variety of wall frames or as contemporary art pieces, with desk frames from £125 each and wall art from £395.

Our popular Collections provide fabulous value with various options of desk and wall finishes, including digital files, bundled together with considerable savings. Images can also be presented in beautiful contemporary albums or as a boxed sets of prints.

Please contact us to make a booking or if you have any queries.


We’ve recently started ‘urban dog’ sessions in the historic Bailgate area of Lincoln. These offer something completely different with the opportunity of some unique images of your dog with a backdrop of old Lincoln.

Urban sessions are limited in availability and are usually held early on a Sunday morning, ideally before too many people are up and about to provide distractions in the background.

Please contact us in the first instance for further details and to discuss availability.


  • Do you only hold your pawtrait sessions at specific locations?
    We like to use specific, selected locations for a number of reasons including ease of access and availability of parking, the variety of areas within the location, and our knowledge, from our experience of working at them, of the best areas to use depending on the time of year, time of day and lighting conditions.
  • Are other people and dogs around?
    The locations we’re currently using are public and, whilst they are popular with other walkers and dogs, we have chosen areas where a 10 minute or so walk should take us away from too many distractions.
  • Where do we meet you?
    Full details of the location will be confirmed at the time of booking.
  • How many dogs can we bring?
    The short answer is ‘how many have you got?’  Typically our sessions are with one to three dogs, but we’re happy to work with however many you have and can control. For multiple dogs we do recommend that two or more people come so there are spare hands to assist with handling and controlling your dogs.
  • My dog is very lively and won’t keep still for photos
    We have been photographing dogs for many years and have worked with dogs of all temperaments, from shy, timid rescue dogs to absolute livewires. We always ask that you bring a collar and lead with you and, if necessary, we’ll photograph your dog on the lead but show you how to stand and hold it so that we have a fighting chance of removing the lead afterwards.
    If your dog normally wears a harness please do bring a collar for the session. Lead removal, if the lead is held as we show you, can be relatively straightforward afterwards but removing a harness not so.
  • What happens after the session?
    We’ll bring samples of our most popular frames and wall art to your pawtrait session and at the end of it will take a few minutes to show them to you, discuss some of the options, and give you our detailed pricing in preparation for your viewing and ordering appoint
    Either at the time of booking your pawtrait session or immediately at the end of it we’ll book your viewing and ordering appointment for you to view the resulting images, usually via Zoom, a few days after your pawtrait session. That gives us time to fully process the images that we select to show you.
    At your viewing and ordering appointment we’ll help you choose your favourites and decide on how best you would like to display them in your home, finalise your order and take payment.
  • How and when do we pay for our order?
    Payment is due in full at the time of order due to the bespoke nature of your artwork. Payment can be made by card over the phone or by bank transfer. We do offer payment terms and will be happy to explain those to you if interested.
  • When do we receive our images?
    Your finished images are ordered once payment has been received and are then usually ready within 4 to 6 weeks. Once received and checked we’ll arrange collection or, for a small charge, can arrange delivery directly to you from our lab.