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Fine Art

Working Dogs


We have recently relocated from Leicestershire to south east Lincolnshire and will be setting up a new home office/small studio in the new year.
In the meantime we will be photographng solely on location at one or two specific locations in south east Lincolnshire.

Our fine art portfolio showcases our iconic fine art style; usually portrait headshots, often with a dynamic close crop, finished in black and white to complement the carefully selected products that we offer specifically for this style.
IMPORTANT NOTE – our fine art sessions are on hold at the moment following our relocation from Leicestershire to Lincolnshire and the closure of The Coach House as our studio. We will be reintroducing these sessions in the spring of 2021 when our garden office/studio has been completed.

A portfolio of working dogs, mainly gundogs, with appropriate props including prey, guns, gun bags, etc.