Whichever images you choose you’re going to want to display them at their absolute best!

We have a range of stunning options, from contemporary finishes to bespoke frames, and will
happily guide you through the options to best match your taste and budget

And if you’re not looking for statement wall pieces, our desk frames or albums are great options.


ALUMINIUM WALL FRAMES – our most popular contemporary finish and one of the most modern ways to display your images.

Your image is printed directly onto a thin aluminium panel and the gloss finished really allows your image to ‘pop’ and gain depth, creating a beautiful shine with it’s reflective surface.

Individually available from 20 inches from £475.

Aluminium wall frame with edge detail

GALLERY BLOCKS – add a fabuous splash of colour to your walls

Available in a fine lustre (our most popular!) or a very fine canvas each finish has a protective laminate with the option of your image wrapping around the edge of the frame or a plain solid coloured edge.

Individually available from 16 inches from £375.

Gallery block with wrap detail

BESPOKE FRAMES – available in a wide selection of moulding styles and colours

Our professionally hand crafted wall frames come with a choice of moulding styles –  including a smooth contemporary style, a wooden contoured style, a wooden grain effect, and wooden with a deep recess – and colours, and a wide choice of mountboard colours.

Available individually from 16 inches (glass size) from £375, with the option for multiple images in a frame from 24 inches (glass size) from £525.

Bespoke frame in French Grey coloured moulding with an antique white mountboard, with moulding detail right.



All our production and hand finishing is done by specialist suppliers in the UK (see video below) to ensure your portraits match our quality guidelines.